5 Podcast Ideas for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Podcast Ideas

5 Podcast Ideas for Your Content Marketing Strategy


In a world full of endless marketing, finding the best way to have your marketing messages get to your target despite the noise is crucial. As average human attention decreases by day it becomes crucial to capture the attention of your audience fast. Podcasts have the potential to achieve all these. So, what should you do to increase their effectiveness?

5 Podcast Ideas to boost your Content Marketing Strategy

1. Create a theme and stick to it

Plan your podcasts adequately, stay focused and remain consistent. By sticking to a specific theme, you stand a better chance of developing a loyal following consisting of people who want to know more about your topic. So, before you embark on recording your voice and releasing it for people to hear, ask yourself a few questions like what is my primary objective? Why am I suing podcast? Should I charge a fee for my recordings? Answers to such questions will narrow your efforts to the objectives of your podcast content creations. Finally, come up with a podcast theme that best helps you attain your objectives.

Podcast Ideas

2. Re-use your website content

Podcasts provide you with an excellent opportunity to reuse your blog content. This is particularly beneficial for marketers who already have useful content on their blog. So, if you don’t, start by creating great content. Once you have relevant content, come up with auditory content that mirrors the same, and proceed to connect with a section of your audience that prefers hearing information (as opposed to just reading). Not that some of your audience that ordinarily prefers written content may prefer to listen to them during such instances as while commuting, during lunch breaks and when they are just too tired to read.

3. Keep advertising Subtle

Subtlety will help you avoid consumer apathy; your audience will be put off if they feel you are overly adverting to them. However, keeping it to a minimum will help you reap from both. Listeners are willing to listen to a few marketing messages so long as they feel they are getting something valuable in return. So, remaining relevant as you keep your advertising subtle is crucial to generating optimum engagement. By ensuring your podcasts are not flooded with product promotion, you will attain your objective with your marketing strategy; one research established that podcasts are more than twice effective (successfully generate brand awareness) than banner ads.

4. Create Avenue for discussion

Podcasts create a strong bond between the creator and the audience. The act of listening to an auditory content is more intimate and deliberate than say watching a video. Listeners have a sustained attention necessary to follow along. For this reason, it is advisable to create an avenue for your audience to talk about episodes and engage with others. Create a standalone social media channel through which your podcast content can be discussed without interruption from other marketing content. Besides increasing engagement, such a discussion platform gives fans an opportunity to refer back to a series that was posted a while ago.

5. Provide additional content

Create extra content based on your podcasts to help further the discussion. Consider supplementing your auditory content with video content, blog posts or even bonus podcast series. Such extra content can attract new listeners, build constructive word of mouth or even increase engagement with your existing audience.


Compared to other content marketing strategies, podcasts are more accessible to your audience. They do not have to take a break from whatever they are doing to listen exclusively to your message. The fact they can listen to your audio messages while working out or driving means your audience does not have to sacrifice much to get your message.

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